Finding Nemo

Swimming in the Gulf of Mexico off one of Florida's famous beaches is sport for some and for others relaxation but for a small yellow kitten, not necessarily planned, but then again not misfortune either.


During a recent outing an alert group of boaters on a scalloping trip 3 miles out of Homosassa Bay in the Gulf of Mexico spotted something. At first, according to crew member Maggie Rogers, the director of finances at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, there appeared to be a piece of sea kelp in the water or perhaps a turtle. As the 17-foot scout Current Drift approached, crew member Bob Kline, Maggie's husband shouted "Dog in the water!” Soon it became clear that "kitten" was more the correct alarm. Bob Burkenstock navigated the boat around to double back and in short order a yellow 9" kitten was plucked from the water.

With their new mate safe aboard, dry and huddled alongside Maggie for protection the fishing trip proceeded as scheduled. A few hours later back on shore the 10-week-old kitten was given a check over by Rogers' vet Dr. Kevin Rose of St. Pete Beach Veterinary Clinic and, accept for a case of worms, given a clean bill of health.

Maggie's sister-n-law adopted the youngster and named him Nemo, of course. Nemo plans to spend his next eight lives one paw firmly planted ashore.
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