Gov Bush and the Manatee, where will he stand?

Living, working on the Suncoast of Florida to us feels charmed. Connection with the animals here and our shared environment is easy, all we have to do is look out our office window over acres of mangrove and St. Joseph Sound to the sea. There are Tarpon and Mullet, crabs and ducks who contest with Mere Hens. Our house dogs charge Great Herons, Lesser and Blue each morning to no avail and at least once everyday butterflies congest the traffic of dragons. We hear the call of Morning dove and Egrets, Quaker Parrot, Seagulls and Osprey, who's our eagle. There be Manatee here.

The following is a press release: "Manatee protection under attack", Defenders of Wildlife.

The endangered manatee is currently facing multiple attacks in Florida and Defenders of Wildlife needs your help to stop them. After weeks of stalling, Senate Bill 540 (SB 540) has finally reached Florida Gov. Jeb Bush's desk for review. He now has until June 30 to either veto this bad bill, sign it into law, or do nothing. If he signs the bill or does nothing, it will become law and weaken manatee protection. And despite close to 20,000 e-mails from you asking him to veto it, we've heard word from people close to the governor's office that he may just let the bill go without doing anything in order to avoid political pressures. We need him to take a stand for the manatee and VETO SB 540 to safeguard protections for the endangered species.

For more information and a direct link or to send a letter to Governor Bush go to Save the Manatee.org or contact the Govenor's office directly:

  • CALL the Governor directly at (850) 488-4441, and tell whomever answers the phone that you want Governor Bush to veto SB 540.

  • SEND A FAX with your own personal message asking for the veto at this number: (850) 487-0801.

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