Road Trip

This is the second weekly installment of a three part series about finding a new dog/co-worker for our family at the Animal Broadcast Network.

I'm writing this as Hurricane Jeanne thunders westward through Lake Wales just east of us about 50 miles. Wind and rain are already gusting 30 to 40 miles an hour and the TV weather guy tells us to expect power outages from a few hours to several days.

...we came upon Max from Marathon in the Florida Keys. Ivan was knocking at our back door. Nancy found a photo of a little guy named Max who had been rescued in, of all places Marathon, one of those stepping stone islands that make up Florida's famous archipelago the "Keys." We've been to Marathon several times, in fact we thought once of moving there. It's a neat place with beaches on the Atlantic and mangrove covered coral reefs dipping their toes in the Gulf of Mexico. The island, not as well known as its' sister to the south Key West, has an airport, a marine aquarium and until now we had not realized, an animal rescue called "Stand up for Animals."

We had been looking for an Affenpinscher, simply because one already lives with us and I suppose as with everyone else familiarity breeds resignation. Affens are hard working, alert and mischievous. They work endlessly to be in charge and although they look like dogs they are really small hairy monkeys with an attitude, see ...there's a new dog in town 18-9-04.

The photo Nan showed me was of a little black face hidden beneath loads of fly away hair, a slight trace of a grin curling one side of a half open mouth, but when we called for information it turned out that this guy was listed as a Scottish Terrier whose owner had died. We called Linda Owen founder of the shelter and after a short conversation she agreed to accept our application to adopt Max...Ivan was about to change our plans.

Friday September 10th Hurricane Ivan was turning north past Cuba; officials ordered the evacuation of the Keys. We spoke once again with Linda who planned to take her rescues to Broward County HSUS on the mainland. She promised to contact us later. So, with some considerable trepidation we wished her a safe trip and set about making our own preparations for Ivan.

Next Sunday, storms allowing, the final installment in our series, Looking for Max.
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