Designer dogs?

Designer jeans, designer shoes, designer furnishings and now…designer dogs? Yes, designer dogs. I’m not referring to the little “purse” dogs that the celebrities carry around with them when in front of the camera. That term is the new catch phrase for a mixed breed puppy. An alternative phrase is “authentic multi-generational”. Come on people, you’re buying a dog that has been purposely bred from two or more “pure” dog types.

So what’s wrong with that you ask?

• First you have to pay a deposit while you’re waiting for your new little Jug (Jack Russell terrier/Pug mix) or your Snoodle (Schnauzer/Poodle) from the “breeder”. Then you get to pay the rest of that bargain basement price ranging anywhere from $300 to $1,295.
• Second, supposedly these pets get “the best of both worlds” in the gene pool. No doubt they also get many other gene issues such as temperament and disease considerations.
• For those who want a breed registration showing lineage and adding to the so-called value of the pet, designer puppies don’t come with “papers”.
• Last but of primary importance, there are hundreds of thousands of dogs in rescue centers and kill shelters in great need of homes. Not only are these puppies “designer” or “authentic multi-generational”, there are also many purebred dogs available.

In a world where all too often there is simply not enough food, clean water or shelter for millions of stray companion animals it just make sense, considering earth’s limited resources, to stop breeding and buying “designer dogs" and provide homes to the ones we already have.

So as you read through the local classified ads, a person needs to question themselves before they go down the path of pet ownership. Do they want a status symbol or do they want a companion? I vote for the companion every time. Contact a local rescue group or animal shelter and for a few dollars you get unconditional love. As you read that paper, how about this for consideration “Dog – Terrier mixed. Small, black, loving and in good health. Free to good home. Please call.” I’m already dialing the number.

by Nancy Lee
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