"Little Birds" little steps, kids learn

We came across a great site newly named Was Someone. They were in our mailbox this morning and after a stop by to see the who, what, where, when and why they were in our mailbox we came away determined that this is a web page everyone should consider adding to their favorites.

Artists team Veronica Ibarra and Carlos Thomas have collaborated to produce a "vegan" site that is a distinct cut above most vegan pages, which are either too strident or so "in your face" that they plead to be avoided. "Was Someone", on the other hand, is filled with the visual message of the artist's heart and soul; imagery that compels without disgust, images that ensnare the eye and yet allow the mind to learn the message which underlies the color and form of their artistry: animal dignity and animal rights in a world that is often too polarized to consider the issue rationally.

The series of photos, video, drawings and sculpture invoke a childlike world where animals and people mix in a bright, colorful playground of the imagination, an imagination that still exists in the young and where, for only a short time perhaps, can we learn the true value of our kindredship to the animals that share our world.
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