Sustainable zoo

"Sustainable" and "zoo" are not words we often use in the same sentence but this week's official reopening of the New Orleans Audubon Zoo after the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina makes the exception.

In recent years, with other zoos abandoning their residents to the ravages of nature or war, it is notable that the care takers at Audubon New Orleans stayed with their charges making every effort to insure the animal's survival under the most harrowing conditions. We know the city of New Orleans appreciates their effort and we think the National Zoological Society needs to acknowledge the excellent effort put forth by the handful of men and women at the New Orleans Zoo; perhaps take a note as well and considering their own organization's disaster response position make some long needed improvements.

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New Orleans Zoo and Disney are teamed up to celebrate with a big, jazzy, party called Noon Years Eve and live radio will cover the event at WBYU 1450 AM. If you're in the crescent City area plan to attend the event it will we're sure be a fitting start to 2006 and the return of the Big Easy.
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